Paris - Jaïpur

Adeline Roussel offers to Paris, in her boutique in rue Jacob, the jewellery she has herself fabricated in India.
Her work is a mixture of the East and of the West - but also of the masculine and of the feminine. Precious gems gently mix with cabochons of topaz, amethyste and opaque aquamarine...
On first meeting her one has the impression she has just arrived, deposited her luggage and pulled out a trench-coat and a man's shirt. Her wrists reveal series of bracelets, her necklace is a chain of smokey topaz linked together by gold clasps, her ring, a cabochon. She has the fascination belonging to a voyager who has just stepped on the platform to smoke a cigarette... Not an adventurer - a traveller.

Adeline divides her time between Paris and Jaïpur.
In Paris, she enjoys the restaurants, the coffee terraces, the banks of the Seine, the art galleries, the antique shops, the museums and precious moments with her son.
In India she has the vastness of the deserts, the ruined palaces, the turbans, the saris and the intensity of colours as red as the setting sun.

All this is revealed in her collections - a mixture of the ethnic together with contemporary elegance. From these continual comings and goings Adeline has carved out for herself a transhumant existence with a cadence of rhythm that is none other than that of a nomad.

Three times a year Adeline returns to the source of her inspiration: the subject matter. For her, there is no other way: She works with her hands the 22 carat gold with which to envelope rose-quartz, cornelian, chalcedony, garnet, ruby tourmaline...
She plunges herself into a retreat for a period of two months and empties her mind. She models, modifies, refines and perfects. She ranks, puts in order, creates disorder and then transforms... and goes back to zero. All this, just until the trigger is once again released. She likes the pieces to be unique or in limited series. Even the chains are plaited by hand pulling on a gold thread which twists in on its own.
She prefers to allow the gems themselves to radiate their natural poetry. A poetry in accordance with La Rive Gauche.